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Based on cutting-edge Nano Technology
Ink & Paste Specialist

NURI Vista develops and produces functional and high-performance inks and pastes with excellent properties based on high profile Nano Technology.
Nano Ink & Paste is used as a material for various high-tech industries such as mobile phones, solar cells, electric vehicles, and RFID. NURI Vista is expanding its market with unique technology that can not be imitated.

Foundation Data 2001, June
CEO Song Man Cho
Business Areas Nanomaterial
Location Headquarters: NURI BLD, 16 Sapyeong-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
R & D Center: Incheon Songdo VentureSt 100

High functional nano carbon heat material

  • Industrial Plumbing Heaters / Building Materials
  • Heating material for electric cars

Ultra low cost light sintered ink

  • Electrode material for solar cell
  • Electrode material for RFID

Electrode Material for MLCC

  • MLCC internal electrode paste
  • MLCC external electrode paste
  • Internal Electrode Paste for Electric Shock Device

Other functional electrode materials

  • Low Temperature Curable Electrode Material for 3D Pattern
  • Electrode material for PTC heater