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Dongshin University Microgrid opening ceremony (2019. 4)

Daegu Metropolitan City works towards energy self-sufficiency through a smart grid expansion project.

Daegu City is at the head of Korea’s smart grid expansion project as the first city to launch such a project. It will become the business model of the Korean energy industry, applying the newest technology. It is also expected that it will contribute to developing the international market, as well as improving regulations to transform the industry.

AMI-based energy management and
building energy-efficient devices

What is AMI-based energy management
and building energy-efficient devices?

By combining IT technology with electricity, we can reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency as a next-generation power network service. This service monitors energy consumption in real-time via installed equipment (smart meters, flow meters), and analyzes and calculates the most energy-efficient management strategy.

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System Features


  • IoT Gateway (NDC-I338)

    RF (900MHz wireless) communication technology
    Receiving and transmitting of energy consumption
    Supports various interfaces
    Maximum power consumption at 28 W

  • Wireless communication modem (NAMR-P206SR)

    RF (900MHz wireless) communication technology
    Measuring and transmitting of energy consumption
    LED light to indicate operation status

  • Efficiency device

    Control device for maximum-demand power
    Control device for inverter
    Control device for system A/C

  • Energy management system (EMS)

    Energy consumption monitoring
    Energy consumption analysis/statistics
    Efficiency plan design
    Outcome analysis and performance management