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One-stop monitoring of hundreds of
power-generating devices

As the number of renewable energy devices that need management is continuously increasing, the need for real-time, integrated monitoring is also growing. NuriFlex’s renewable energy integrated monitoring system allows clients to combine interfaces of various models of devices, which helps to efficiently perform monitoring of energy resources, profit analysis, detection of events, and facility history management.

Integrated monitoring of renewable energy

What is Integrated monitoring of
renewable energy?

This is a service that monitors and provides various information (output, utilization factors, efficiency, CO2 reduction including amount of daylight, duration of sunshine, transition efficiency, ESS operation status for PV) about PV, fuel cells, and ESS facilities in real-time to improve reliability of equipment, efficient utilization of resources, and aid in enterprise-wide decision making to maximize energy production and optimal operation of facilities.

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System Features

Renewable energy operating status

Statistics on renewable energy operation


  • PV power plant monitoring

  • Fuel cell power plant monitoring

  • ESS monitoring

  • Facility management