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We provide the best solutions and services from our years of experience in commercialization of various other solutions and know-how in automatic recognition equipment, such as barcode and RFID (electronic tag) technology.

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Types of Auto Identification

We offer solutions for clients and corporations in the areas of
logistics/distribution/assets/healthcare to provide efficient management.

  • Asset management solution
  • Solution for Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Solution for Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • Solution for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

Expected outcome

01. Reduced work hours

  • Reduced time required to conduct inventory checks per department
  • Asset management by performing asset management per office
  • Prevention of loss of high-cost equipment and history management of equipment.

02. Reduced work hours

  • Reduced work hours via RFID asset inspection
  • Reduced time for work input
  • Real-time asset management analysis

03. Increased work efficiency

  • Integrated management between partnered departments (purchasing team, material team, etc.)
  • Unified system from purchasing to inventory management

04. Reduced price and operation costs

  • Increased cost competitiveness through reduced operation costs
  • Reduced labor costs via efficient HR management
  • Reduced costs via asset management
  • Reduced costs by decreasing duplicate asset purchases

05. Reduced inventory

  • Reduced inventory burden
  • Reduced material and inventory loss
  • Asset management per plan and routing
  • Duplicate order management via accurate and precise inventory checks
  • Inventory management per unit

06. HR management

  • Allocation of appropriate number of employees per office and warehouse
  • Efficient allocation of number of employees based on asset analysis

07. Increased production

  • Increased worker production rate.
  • Increased accuracy of measured inventory per asset

08. Completion of orders

  • Increased workplace efficiency via systemization of work system
  • Work orders per yearly/monthly/weekly plans
  • Check workload status compared to daily plans