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Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

What is Virtual Power Plant?

This is a technology that provides stable electricity by using ICT technology to manage distributed energy resources (DER) as the power generator from the electricity provider. Individual distributed energy resources (DER) cannot be managed by the central system. When specific DERs, such as PV, are used individually, there is a limit to the stable supply of electricity and control due to intermittent connections. Hence, by combining such units for integrated management, we aim to achieve stability and to balance supply and demand of the system via power exchange.

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System Features

  • NuriFlex is the leader of energy control and management systems that offer integrated management through a virtual power plant, with HEMS, BEMS, FEMS, AMI solutions, and demand response (DR), as well as electric vehicle charging station management systems.
  • Currently, NuriFlex is serving as a key member of the national project to develop “VPP technology for integrated control of distributed energy resources (DER) and ESS and management of electricity services.”
  • NuriFlex’s virtual power plant uses a distributed control VPP model, and is developed considering MainVPP (Technical VPP) and Local VPP (Commercial VPP) concepts from a utility perspective.
  • Renewable energy is a promising energy solution for environmental issues, but can have negative effects on system management. NuriFlex’s virtual power plant is developed to provide a reliable electric system network and diverse portfolios.