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Dongshin University Microgrid opening ceremony (2019. 4)

Dongshin University Smart energy campus – Microgrid PRJ

A microgrid project that builds small units of smart grid system in small areas has been implemented at Dongshin University campus. Heat + electric integration and PV (1MW), ESS, fuel cell, CHP (combined heat and power generation) are operated in optimal state. The Dongshin University microgrid project was sponsored by the local government as a CHP generation independence project. We hope to expand to other platforms.

Microgrid design

What is microgrid design?

A microgrid is a system that can provide self-sufficient power in small areas and does not require electric power transmission equipment due to the small distance between consumers and the power source. Since it uses power that is distributed in different paths, it provides power in a more stable way. Moreover, this next-gen power service allows for more efficient management via involving renewable energy sources.

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System Features


  • Heat + electricity MG EMS

    Combined microgrid solution and integrated management system that produces PV, ESS, FC, CHP and various heat and electricity

  • PV ESS

    PV, ESS-integrated monitoring, and synchronized solutions with the energy trading platform