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NURI Telecom participates in smart energy platform implementation project in Banwol and Sihwa industrial complexes

01.12.2020 Views:1709

NURI Telecom, an energy IoT solution company, delivers on the 2nd that it will participate in the smart energy platform implementation project in Banwol and Sihwa industrial complexes, the largest industrial complexes in Korea, while expanding participation in the Green New Deal project promoted by the government. 

NURI Telecom is planning to implement a systematic operation system for energy efficiency and self-sufficiency by implementing and operating a cloud-based factory energy management system (FEMS) for a total of 70 customers in Banwol and Sihwa smart industrial complexes by 2022.

The industrial complex smart energy platform implementation project is a platform-based energy efficiency management infrastructure using new ICT technologies such as cloud for tenant companies in seven smart industrial complexes nationwide (Banwol, Sihwa, Changwon, Namdong, Gumi, Gwangju, Yeosu, and Daegu). It is a project to implement an on-offline platform that promotes new energy industries, realizes a low-carbon green industrial complex, and improves energy independence and efficiency. 

The industrial complex smart energy platform implementation project uses the RE100 (100% renewable energy) platform using KEPCO's distribution network and renewable energy sources such as hydrogen fuel cells and solar PV modules and ICT to manage factory energy for companies in the industrial complex. The purpose is to implement a FEMS and a platform that can collect and analyze data.Also, the project is implemented to improve energy independence and efficiency of industrial complexes and to strengthen competitiveness of aging industrial complexes. 

CEO Young Duk Kim said,  

'Our company is planning to expand business models in the energy IoT field and operation management system field by actively participating in the Green New Deal project promoted by the government and building a cloud-based smart energy platform and energy transaction platform.’



RE100 (Renewable Energy 100): Stands for '100% renewable energy', meaning that 100% of the amount of electricity used by companies will be procured with electricity generated through renewable energy such as wind and solar energy by 2050.