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NURI Telecom signed an agreement with Busan city and Busan Office of Education and School Solar Power Surplus Power Trading Business Agreement

10.12.2020 Views:1654

NURI Telecom has signed a business agreement with Busan City and Busan Office of Education for the surplus power trading business of school solar power generation.

This is to promote the transaction of surplus power produced by solar power generation facilities installed in schools in Busan.‘The School Solar Power Surplus Power Transaction Project' is a project to sell the remaining power to KEPCO during periods when self-consumption solar power generation facilities installed in schools are more than power consumption, such as during vacations.This is meaningful in opening a new market for the solar power generation business that can generate new profits beyond simple electricity bill reduction with the school solar power generation facilities that have been supplied so far. 

NURI Telecom, a private investment business, invests in business expenses for trading surplus power for self-consumed solar power generation facilities, manufactures and installs facilities, and is in charge of maintenance so that the photovoltaic power generation facilities can operate stably. 
Busan City, together with the Busan Office of Education, made efforts to supply solar power generation facilities to schools, and supplied solar power generation facilities to 60 schools through a solar power supply support project in Busan City. In the future, it plans to support the supply and expansion of solar power generation facilities.
The Busan Office of Education provides self-built solar power generation facilities for the promotion of this project, and actively supports the promotion of smooth work between private investment companies and schools.
In the future, the city of Busan and the Office of Education will continue to cooperate to expand the supply of new and renewable energy to schools in Busan, and to increase the competitiveness of the local energy industry by increasing income and discovering new energy businesses.