Leader in End-to-End AMI & IoT
Infrastructure Solutions

Leader of the global market with independent technology and
outstanding R&D experience

NuriFlex has researched energy, IoT, and smart-city technologies since 1995 at its own corporate research center.
Through 27 years of research, it has achieved technological competitiveness and many advantages.
We own wireless and landline communication technology to respond quickly to the rapidly changing business environment.
Furthermore, we continue to invest in research and development of new technologies that reflect current trends.
We own more than 60 patents and numerous international and domestic technology certificates, which speaks to our outstanding and reliable technology, as well as the broad range of our applications.

NuriFlex has earned over 70 certificates
for technologies related to AMI

Since 1998, NuriFlex has been the leader of AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) solution development using
communication technology. Starting with AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), it has achieved numerous technological certificates (CE, FCC, KC), including over 70 international and domestic patents.

Patent AMI Patent status (per registration date), over 70 types (Korean- 68/ International- 2)
International standards and alliance activity
  • IEC-related standardization
  • LoRa Alliance member
  • ZigBee Alliance activity
  • OpenADR Contributor Member
  • Smart Grid association activity
  • Korea intelligent IoT association activity

AMI R&D performance

See AMI Technology
2014 - NOW
  • 2018 LTE Cat. M1 technology commercialization
  • 2017 Energy IoT-based, wireless/landline integrated AMI system Development of energy efficient network system that provides heterogeneous distributed power management and energy balancing service
  • 2016 LPWA-based Wearable Device development
  • 2015 Smart, IoT-integrated G/W development Sub-giga band 6LoWPAN technology
  • 2014 Broad Band PLC-based AMI DCU development - Korea LTE-based AMI system development
2009 - 2013
  • 2013 AMI system utilizing WCDMA Narrow Band PLC + Sub-Giga RF integrated DCU development
  • 2012 Sub-Giga, RF band, IP-based AMI system (with application of 6LoWPAN Stack) Narrow Band PLC-based (G3) AMI system- AMI system utilizing WCDMA for the overseas market
  • 2009 Broad Band PLC-based AMI Development - Korea
1998 - 2007
  • 2004 AMR system utilizing GSM/GPRS AMI system based on ZigBee RF-Mesh
  • 2000 AMR system utilizing CDMA
  • 1998 AMR system using CATV network