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NURI Telecom wins orders Smart Industrial Complex PRJ

23.11.2020 Views:1683

NURI Telecom, a specialist in energy IoT solutions, is focusing on the Green New Deal project promoted by the government. In the meantime, Nuri Telecom is winning orders for smart industrial complex projects such as the smart

energy platform implementation project in the Banwol and Sihwa industrial complexes in Gyeonggi-do (the largest industrial complexes in Korea), the energy independence business of Changwon Industrial Complex, and the AI convergence energy efficiency data processing business for industrial complexes.

On November 16th, NURI Telecom signed an agreement with Changwon Smart Industrial Complex. This project is a project to build a Changwon smart industrial complex that combines digital technology

with the RE100 platform using renewable power sources such as hydrogen fuel cells and PV, and KEPCO's distribution network by December 2022.  

This project is an open energy community building project in which various businesses are demonstrated by improving energy independence and efficiency. NURI Telecom participates in the core fields of implementing various smart energy platforms, such as hydrogen fuel cells, AMI implementation, personal (P2P) transactions, and factory energy management system (FEMS) connection. The Changwon Smart Industrial Complex project is managed by SK E&C, and Nuri Telecom and Korea Electric Research Institute are participating companies. It is planned to be carried out by December 2022. 

CEO Young Duk Kim said,  

'We plan to actively participate in smart city and smart industrial complex projects, which are Green New Deal projects in addition to our main business(AMI). Also, we will implement a smart energy platform and energy transaction platform and expand a cloud service business model based on data.