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NURI Telecom supplies an AMI worth 14 billion won to Ethiopian EUU

17.12.2020 Views:1807

On December 17th, AMI specialist Nuri Telecom announced that it has won an electric AMI project worth 14 billion won in an international bid by the state-owned electri

power company (EEU) in Ethiopia.


NURI Telecom has established a foothold for AMI projects in all regions of Africa by advancing to Ethiopia in East Africa following South Africa in South Africa and Ghana in West



The project, which was implemented with World Bank funding, was awarded by Nuri Telecom for turnkey system design, delivery, and implementation. 

NURI Telecom will implement electricity AMI system by supplying products such as communication modems, HES (head-end systems), and MDMS (measurement data management

systems), including smart meters, to provide electricity to 50,000 households of high-voltage (industrial/commercial) customers across 11 states in Ethiopia.


Based on the AMI system supply performance and the technology in the AMI field accumulated for over 20 years, NURI Telecom has been bidding for the international bidding

project of Ethiopia's state-owned power company as an injection company.  After several months of technology evaluation, it was selected as the final operator.


Ethiopia, with a population of 110 million, is the second most populous country in Africa after Nigeria. 

This project, which was won by Nuri Telecom, is a large-scale infrastructure construction project, such as the construction of a national industrial complex, railroad, and road port, in the process of Ethiopia's two-stage national economic development plan (Growth and Transformation Plan) being promoted in two stages by 2020. As demand increases, an AMI system that can efficiently manage power use will be implemented.


Ethiopia is first promoting the first AMI project targeting high-voltage customers, and plans to gradually expand it to home use.


CEO Young Duk Kim emphasized,  

"Despite many restrictions on overseas business activities in the COVID 19 situation, we have continuously participated in international bidding and won the first AMI system 

project ordered by Ethiopia's state-run power company, giving us an opportunity to expand AMI business across Africa.